Don't Want A D.U.I.?


We are now re-opening Thursday May 14th

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Don't lose your life because of drinking and driving. Let Sober Drive escort you home in your own vehicle for an affordable cost.

Get home safely and affordably. Call us:


Sober Drive costs less than a few mixed drinks.

Hiring a designated driver is surprisingly affordable.

Driving drunk creates a lot of problems and risks. You could hurt yourself or others. You could incur the cost of a DUI and face years of guilt, fines, and fees.


However, sometimes you still want to party. Sober Drive has you covered. We'll drive you and your vehicle home safely. The best part of the Sober Drive experience is that our services are affordable - and significantly less costly than the alternative. Invest in Sober Drive next time you plan to party.

Sober Drive can help you avoid big regrets - and on top of that, it's rather affordable. Check out our rates:


Flat rates: 

$25 per ride before midnight

$30 per ride after midnight


Extra stop: $5 - $10


Dilworth, Riley's Acres  $30 - $35

Wild Rice, Horace, Hardwood, Mapleton, Glyndon $40

Casselton, Oxbow, Hickson $50

Davenport $60


Out-of-town ride: call for more details.