Don't Want A D.U.I.?


We are now re-opening Thursday May 14th

Are you ready to attend an event, club, or an unexpected evening out? Sober Drive is here to help. We'll drive you and your car home.

Depend on Sober Drive to get home safely:


No matter the type of location, we'll get you home safely.

We aren't limited to a standard list of pick-up locations. At Sober Drive, we'll come to you no matter where you are (additional rates apply for out-of-town locations). Simply provide us with the address and name of business, if applicable, as well as your drop-off point. We'll pick you up from:

  • Bars

  • Clubs

  • Private parties

  • Business parties

Our designated driving service is focused on keeping you safe and comfortable. We're happy to drive you home in your own vehicle.


Don't allow yourself to be stranded in an unsafe location. We'll

get you and your car home in a timely manner.

A lady passenger looking back Car door opening, with hand

Our designated driving service is different.

We are re-opening Thursday May 7th